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nonprofit communications

stationery letterhead and envelope This stationery set was designed to help thank patrons for their generous support and provide a receipt of their tax deductible donation. A watermark rendering of th...


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ecofriendly commerce

website, packaging, and infographic The flowchart infographic was designed to explain the life-cycle of these sustainable recycled dog treats. The style of the graphic portrays the handmade quality of...


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education collateral

tabbed brochure At first glance, the front cover and staggered tabs summarize all the topics included in the brochure. Flipping directly to targeted information is quick and easy using the layered pag...


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fashion portfolio

fully responsive website This responsive website was created to help promote a new fashion designer’s vision and serve as an online portfolio. The collection is organized by type of clothing so users ...


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amanda m. buckley

communication designer

based in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts